Daily Wallpaper

Daily Wallpaper


Let your mind wander every morning when you turn on your computer.

Get a new wallpaper every day with Wallpaper Anime, we bring you a free pack of gorgeous wallpapers! Choose a wallpaper in our HD daily selection and let your mind travel and enjoy the beauty of the world. Travel like never before thanks to Wallpaper Anime!


What kind of wallpaper do we offer ?

Looking at a wallpaper should be a moment of escape and relaxation which is why our wallpapers feature the beauty of our world - nature and animals. Each and every one of our wallpapers is unique and will brighten your day.

We bring you the most gorgeous wallpapers for your computer. Our software will remember your preferences and our daily selection of wallpapers will be customized to your tastes.

Our software is :

  • Free

  • Fast to install

  • Easy to use